Q. I've selected PubMed search results. How can I import these into RefWorks?


There are several methods for importing PubMed results into RefWorks.  The method below will work with small or large numbers of references (up to ~700 at a time).
The steps for importing results into RefWorks are listed below.  You've already completed steps 1 and 2.
1.  Run your search in PubMed
2.  Select desired records or leave records unselected to obtain the entire list of records. 
3. Use the “Send to” dropdown menu (above your search results on the right) to select "File."  
( If you have selected 200 or fewer references, you can use the "Citation Manager" option instead and skip step 4.)
4.  A "Format" drop-down menu will appear.  Select "MEDLINE"  
5.  Hit the "Create File" button. Most browsers will automatically save a file containing your references in your Downloads folder.  The file will have a name like pubmed_result.txt. There is no reason to open the file.
(If you had less than 200 references selected and chose to use the "Citation Manager" option, your file will be named something like citations.nbib. Do not open the file.)
6.  Open your Refworks account.
7.  In RefWorks, hover on the “References” dropdown and select “Import”
8.  The  “Import Filter/Data Source” should be set to either "University of Nebraska Medical Center" or to "NLM/PubMed."
9.  “Database” is either "PubMed[NLM PubMed]" or PubMed. 
10.  Your may make a a folder selection if desired.
11.  Click the "Browse" button.  Double click the file saved in step 5.   
10.  Click “Import” button.
11.  When the "Import completed" box appears, click "View Last Imported" button.  Do the Refworks records you created look good?  Are the authors' names, article title, and journal title in the right place?  If not, you should probably delete the new records and start over, begin very careful to select all the correct options.


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