Answered By: Cindy Schmidt
Last Updated: Aug 16, 2018     Views: 63

You probably have an empty in-text-citation-placeholder in your document (an empty set of double-squiggly brackets).  The empty brackets may be hidden if you're using Write-n-Cite III.  Follow the instructions below to find the empty brackets and correct the problem:

1.  If you are using Write-n-Cite III (WNC III), start by using the "Tools" menu to "Revert to WNC v. 2 document".

      WNC v.2 has no hidden code.  All empty citation placeholders will be visible.

2.  Once you have converted to WNC v. 2, or if you are using WNC 2, use Word's Find feature to find and delete instances of


                  {{ }}


                  {{  }}

(If you don't find an empty pair of squiggly brackets, don't despair.  Proceed to the next step.  Sometimes, simply reverting to WNC v.2 and then converting to WNC III will solve the 'null' 'not an object' errors.)

3.  Save your document.

4.  If you are using WNC III, use the WNC "Tools" menu to "Convert to WNC III"

5.  Click on the “Bibliography” button and “Create Bibliography”

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