Answered By: Cindy Schmidt
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The steps for exporting records from FirstSearch to RefWorks are listed below.  You've already completed the first step.
1. Check the boxes in front of the records you wish to export.
2. Click on the "Export" icon above the result list.
3. In the "Export" field, indicate whether you wish to export all records on the page (1-10) or whether you only wish to export the selected records.
4. In the "Export to" field, select "RefWorks."
5. Click the "Export" button. A new window will open.  
6.  You may be asked whether you want "Export to legacy RefWorks" or "Export to Proquest RefWorks."  As of the most recent FAQ update (12/2016), UNMC is using the legacy version of RefWorks.
7.  If you are not already logged into RefWorks, you will be asked to log into your RefWorks accoutn.
8.  A direct export to Refworks should occur.  Click the "View Last Imported" to see if the import worked correctly.
9. If the direct export doesn't occur, click on "Text" in the "Export to" field and click the "Export" button.
Most browsers will save the file in your "Downloads" folder with a name like "DirectExport.txt."
If your browser asks you to name the file, be sure to note the location in which you are saving the file also.  
If direct export isn't working.
7.  Go to RefWorks, hover over the "References" menu and select "import.
8.  Use the "Import filter/datasource" menu to select the "OCLC FirstSearch" filter.
9.  Use the "database" drop-down to select the database you used
10.  Click the "Browse" button and select the file you saved in step 6.  
11.  Click the "import" button.

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