Answered By: Cindy Schmidt
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1. Check the boxes in front of the records you wish to export or the "select all" link.
2. Click the "Export" link.
3. A "Save File As" dialog box will appear.
4. Select "Citation export format (*.ris)" and give the file a name you'll remember.
5.  Click "Export."
  • Most browsers will automatically save the file to your "Downloads" folder and give it a name like -- "Reference _mm_dd_yyyy....ris.
  • If you are asked to name the file that is being saved, be sure to note where you are saving the file and give the file a name you will be able to remember.
6.  Go to RefWorks, hover over the "References" menu and select "Import"
7.  Use the "Import Filter/Data source" drop-down to select the "ACS Publications" filter
8.  Use the "Database" drop-down to select the "RIS Format" database.
9.  Select a folder if desired.
10.  Click the "Import" button.
11.  If the import produces zero records, try importing the file again.  This time use the following drop-down selections:
"Import Filter/Data source" -- RIS Format
"Database"  -- RIS Format
12.  When the "Import completed" box appears with the correct number of imported records, click on the "View last imported" button.

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