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The path to obtaining help with output styles depends on the version of RefWorks software you are using to insert citations in a Word document.

If you are using Write-n-Cite 2, III, or 4, UNMC librarians can create a new or revised output style for you.

Before you contact us to request a new output style, please make sure that you have checked the list of output styles available through the "Output Style Manager".  Many RefWorks users don't realize that only a few of Refworks' >4000 output styles are available in Write-n-Cite by default. 

To use a style, you must add it to your favorites list as follows:

  1. Log into RefWorks,
  2. Use the "Bibliography" menu to select "Output Style Manager."
  3. When you reach the "Output Style Manager," browse or search to find the output style of interest. 
  4. Select the style and click the right-facing green arrow to add it to your favorites list
  5. The next step depends on the version of Write-n-Cite you're using:
  • If you're logged into Write-n-Cite 4, click the "sync" icon.    Use the style drop-down to select "select other style".  Your "favorites" list should appear.  Select the style of interest.
  • If you're already logged into Write-n-Cite III , right click on your Write-n-Cite window and select "Reload" or "Refresh".  If you're not already looking at the "Bibliography" page, click on the "Bibliography" button.  The desired output style should now appear in the "output style" drop down menu.

If you don't find the style you need in the "Output Style Manager," please let us know.  We can create an output style for you by the following weekday (M-F,excluding holidays).  E-mail or call the Library's reference desk, 402-559-6221, 1-866-800-5209.  Include your name, the exact name of the journal, the instructions for authors if these are not freely available on the internet.  If you have a copy of a recent article from the journal and the Library doesn't subscribe to the journal, a copy of the recent article would be helpful to those who create the output style for you.

Alternately, you can request that RefWorks technical support staff create an output style for you.  If you do request a style from the RefWorks technical support staff and you need the style any time in the forseeable future, we recommend that you also ask the McGoogan library's staff to create the style for you.  We will probably get you the needed style much more quickly. 


If you are using the new RefWorks Citation Manager (also known as the RCM), you will need to contact RefWorks tech support to request a new or revised output style.  

RefWorks Technical Support staff are available by phone and e-mail, Monday- Friday from 6AM - 5PM Pacific time. 

Tel: +1.775.327.4105

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