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Quickly scroll through this answer to find a picture of the login box that you are trying to use and then read the answer/s for that login box.


1.  Does the screen you're viewing contain one of the log-in boxes shown below?

 A picture of the login screen for the legacy version of RefWorksor A screenshot of the login for Write-n-Cite III or A screenshot of the login box for Write-n-Cite 4


a. Are you trying to use your UNMC NetID to log-in? You must click the "Sign up for a new account" link or the "Sign up for an individual account" link and create a Refworks account.  You will select your own RefWorks username and password when you register.

b. Does the "Invalid GroupCode/id, Login Name or Password combination" message, the  "You have made an invalid entry" message, or a similar message appear when you try to login even though you're sure you're entering the correct login and password?

  • If a "Forgot Your Login Information?" or "Forgot Your log-in" link is available, click the link. You will be asked to enter your username.  Click on "Don't know your login name?".  Enter your e-mail when asked to do so and click the "Identify Account" button.  A list of the usernames associated with your e-mail will appear.  Select the username of interest and click the "E-mail" button.  An e-mail with a link that will allow you to reset your password will be sent to your e-mail address. 
  • If you're still experiencing problems (or if there is no "Forgot your login?" link) call the UNMC Library's AskUs desk 402-559-6221 or 1-866-800-5209 and ask to speak to the Refworks administrator about a login problem (currently Cindy Schmidt). The RefWorks administrator can reset your password for you.

c. Are you encountering a situation in which there is NO error or invalid entry message but you are still seeing no progress in navigating to your account?

  • This problem is seen with certain web browsers (mostly specific versions of IE). You can either switch to a different browser or close all the current browser windows that are open, reopen the browser and try logging in again. 
  • Occasionally, RefWorks is actually unavailable due to a network or RefWorks server problem or is down for scheduled maintenance.  The library announces scheduled maintenance times in the McGoogan News feed on the library's home page.  If the downtime isn't scheduled and none of the information above is helpful, please do give the library a call to let us know that RefWorks appears to be down.  We will test RefWorks to see if we are also encountering problems, try to help you gain access if we are not experiencing problems,  and will report the problem to RefWorks tech support if we can't gain access.  Of course, you are also welcome to contact RefWorks tech support directly.



2. Are you looking at the following login screen?


A screenshot of the library's proxy login page.  Above the login boxes the path UNMC > Library > EZProxy Login" appears.  Above the first login box the text "Enter UNMC Net ID:" appears.


You probably reached this page when you clicked a "GetIt!@UNMC" button in a RefWorks record.  This is not a RefWorks login page, it is our Library's proxy server login. Login with your UNMC NetID/UNMC e-mail username and password.  You don't need  a UNMC NetID to use the citation tools in RefWorks, but you will not be able to access full-text through RefWorks without a UNMC NetID

3.  Are you looking at a request for your institution's group code?

A screenshot of the account creation screen showing the "I have a group code" box.


If you don't know UNMC's RefWorks group code, you can find it at by clicking here.  You will have to login using your UNMC e-mail/UNMC NetID username and password before you will be allowed to see the group code.


4.  Are you looking at a login screen like that shown below?

A screenshot of the login screen for the new version of RefWorks

This is the login screen for the new version of RefWorks.  UNMC has not yet (as of 12/2016) migrated to the new version.  Go to to reach the legacy version of RefWorks.

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