Answered By: Cindy Schmidt
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If you need a formatted reference list of references that includes abstracts, try the instructions below.

1. Log into your RefWorks account.
2. Hover over "Bibliography" and select "Output Style Manager"
3. After reaching the "Output Style Manger" page, add the following 3 output styles -- "APA 6th -- Annotated with abstracts.....", "APA 6th - Abs, Descr, Numbered "Pub Yr, Desc"-UNMC" and "Abstract View -- UNMC" -- to your list of favorites. (To add a style to your favorites list, select the style from the "List of Output Styles" box and click on the right-facing green arrow)
4.  Display the references you would like to format (click on a link to a folder or use the "View" menu to select "All References").
5. Click on RefWorks' "Create Bibliography" button. A "Create a bibliography from a list of reference" box will open.
6.  Make the appropriate selection from the "References to include" section ("Selected", "Page", or "All in List").
7. Use the "Select an Output Style" drop-down menu to select one of the three styles you just added to your favorites list.
8. The"Select a File Type" menu allows you to determine whether the reference list is created in Word or in html (html is faster) but Word works better for copying and pasting.
9. When you have made all choices make sure all pop-up blockers are turned off and click the "Create Bibliography" button.
10.  A "Processing" box will appear in the lower right-hand corner of the page.
11.  When processing is complete a new page or Word may open automatically or you may have to start the process by clicking on the upper "click here" link in the "Completed" box that replaces the "Processing" box in the lower right-hand corner of the page.

If these instructions don't give you the output you need, contact the reference desk (, 402-559-6221, 1-866-800-5209), to ask for an edited "output style". We can create an output style that will produce almost any kind of output you might want. There are also export options that allow you to add data (including abstracts) to an Excel spreadsheet. Using the Excel spreadsheet various types of tables can be created.

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