Answered By: Cindy Schmidt
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If the library is open, call the Library (402-559-6221 or 1-866-800-5209  8-5, M-f; 402-559-4006 nights and weekends) to see if others have reported problems or if the Library staff can access RefWorks without difficulty. 

If the Library is closed, check the Library News blog to see if you've run into a scheduled Refworks maintenance period.  Maintenance periods are rare and usually only 1-2 hours long.

RefWorks like any internet-based resource will occasionally stop working for unclear reasons. Before deciding that something is wrong with RefWorks worldwide, test the following maneuvers one at a time (not necessarily in the order shown) until reaching a functioning version of Refworks:

  • Try clicking on my internet browser's "Refresh" button. Occasionally, just refreshing/reloading the webpage produces a functional version of RefWorks.
  • Try closing all my browser windows and then opening a new iteration of the browser.
  • Try using the Internet browser's "Tools" menu to access "Options" or "Internet Options" and then delete all cookies, cached internet files and my internet history.
  • Try using a different internet browser. Since I usually use Firefox, I would try switching to Chrome or IE. Some versions of Internet Explorer do not work well with RefWorks 

Situations when one of the above steps doesn't work are relatively rare.

When the above steps don't work, I call RefWorks technical support to report my problems (you could choose to contact the library instead) and request assistance.  Refworks technical support staff are only available from 6AM - 5 PM Pacific Time.  Tel: +1.775.327.4105, Email:

If you contact the Library or RefWorks Technical Support via e-mail be sure you explain the exact point at which you encounter problems.  Can you see the login page?  If you can see the login page, can you login?  If you can login, do the menus work? Etc.

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