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Yes, and your Excel table can, of course, be used to create a table in Word.  Just follow the steps shown below to create an Excel table from RefWroks data.  If you find that the process doesn't work in one browser, try another.

Begin by saving your RefWorks data into a tab delimited file:

1.  Log-in to your Refworks account
2.  Display the references you wish to export.  Either select specific references for inclusion or leave all unselected.

3.  Click on the "Export" link in the "Quick Access" box on the right-hand side of the page.
4.  Click the radiobutton in front of  "Selected," "Page," or "All in List" as appropriate.
5.  Select the "Tab Delimited" export format
6.  Click the  "Export References" button.
7.  A new browser window or new browser tab will appear that contains the tab delimited file.  Save the page as a plain text file (.txt), make a mental note of the file's location and name.  The keyboard shortcut for saving a page is Ctl-s in Windows.

Then import the saved, tab delimited file into an Excel worksheet :

1. Open Microsoft Excel
2. Click on the "Data" menu or ribbon. Click the "From Text" option.( In pre-2007 versions of Excel, select "Import External Data" and "Import Data")
3. Use the "Import Text File" dialog box (in Excel 2007 or later versions) or "Select Data Source" menu that appears to locate, select and open the plain-text, tab-delimited file containing your RefWorks data.
4. A "Text Import Wizard" will appear.
5. Leave the "Delimited" default selection as is and click the "Next" button.
6. Leave the "Tab" default selection as is and click the "next" button. Click the "Next" button.
7. Click the "Finish" button.
8. In the "Import data" box that appears, select the worksheet and cell where you want to the data import to begin.

You can also transfer data from an Excel Spreadsheet into RefWorks. Although that process is considerably more complex.

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