Answered By: Cindy Schmidt
Last Updated: Dec 24, 2016     Views: 690

1.  Log into your RefWorks account

2.  Click on the RefShare link (if the RefShare link doesn't open in the same browser as your RefWorks account, copy the web address of the RefShare folder and paste it in the address box of the browser window in which you have opened your Refworks account.)

3.  The shared folder will appear in your folder list, but  beware.  The shared references are not yet a permanent part of your account!

A screenshot shows the location of the link to a shared folder in an account's "Folders" box.  The folder is clearly a shared folder because the link is next to a "Folder containing a person" icon.

4.  All you need to do to keep the references as a permanent part of your account is select “all in list” (or select the references you want to keep, one page at a time) and click the “Save/Disc” icon.  It will take awhile for your request to be processed.

A screenshot shows the page displaying the contents of a shared folder.  An arrow points to the "All in list" radiobutton and a second arrow points to the "floppy disk"/"Save" icon.

5.  When the processing is complete, the records you've saved will be in your "Last Imported" folder.  You may want to open the "Last Imported" folder put the saved references into a folder.  Begin by (a) clicking on the "last imported" folder.  When the "last imported" folder appears (b), click on "All in list" (c) or select references one page at a time, and use the "+folder" icon (d) to add the references to an existing or new folder.

A screenshot shows the contents of the "Last Imported" folder.  An arrow points to the "All in list" radiobutton and two arrows indicate the use of the "+folder" drop-down menu to select the "New Folder" option.


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