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The following databases include citing article information:

  • Scopus
  • Chemical Abstracts (SciFinder Plus)
  • Google Scholar

Let's say you want to find the articles citing Hegel's 2007 article "Phase transitions in a biodiesel reactor using supercritical methanol" published in Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research.  46(19):6360-6365.

In Scopus:

​Do a document search for the authors last name AND the ariticle title in quotes.  Search "all fields."  Set the "date range" to correspond to the publication year.


Click on the number in the far-right column to see records for citing articles.


In SciFinder:

Use "Explore References" to perform a "Journal" search 

Screenshot of the SciFinder Journal search page with "Journal Name", "volume", "issue", and "start page" fields completed.


When you find the Chemical Abstract record for the article of interest, click on the link to citing articles that appears on the far right-hand side of the screen.

A screenshot of a Chemical Abstracts record with the position of a "Citing" link to the right of the article title indicated by an arrow.


In Google Scholar:

Search for the article title in quotes AND one of the  author's last names

"Phase transitions in a biodiesel reactor using supercritical methanol" hegel

Click on the "Cited by" link under the relevant result.

Screenshot of a Google Scholar search result.  The location of the "Cited by __" link is pointed out using an arrow.




Not all CINAHL records include cited reference lists.  Thus, CINAHL citing reference searching is definitely hit or miss.   Lets say you want to find articles that cite:

Fetal heart rate monitoring using the fetal electrocardiogram.  Bhogabl K; Crowe J; Pieri JF; Hayes-Gill B; Shakespear S; Smith C; James D; RCM Midwives Journal, 1999; 2 (6); 190-2.

Search for the article's title.  

When you find the CINAHL record for the article of interest, look for a "Cited References" link near the bottom of the record.

A screenshot showing the position of the "Cited References" link toward the bottom of a CINAHL record.



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