Answered By: Heather Brown
Last Updated: Aug 16, 2018     Views: 54

Photos or recordings of humans and animals require permission.  Humans include, but are not limited to, UNMC patients, employees, and students and they need to sign a media authorization form before the image or media is created and used. For more detailed information, see Policy No. 6030 Obtaining Informed Consent for UNMC Audio-Visual Media Production and Distribution Procedures. 

Contact the Director of Comparative Medicine for permission to videotape animals.

If you have created or designed original art, you are strongly advised to incorporate the copyright symbol © and your name into the figure or work.  Examples of original art include paintings, drawings, animations, cartoons, musical scores, dramatic scripts, screen plays and video and/or audio recordings of authorized presenters performing the score or script. These are types of work that may have commercial value and should be used only with your permission.  

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