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To manually add a reference into RefWorks:

1.  click on the New Reference button, as shown below:

A screenshot of the upper left-hand portion of a RefWorks window showing the position of the "+ New Reference" button.a

2.  An "Add new Reference" box will appear. 

a.  If you choose the output style of interest from the "Fields used by" menu, the page will refresh to show you only boxes for the information that might be appropriate for the output style and reference type of interest to you.

A screenshot of the "Add new Reference" box.  An arrows point out the "Fields used by" menu and the "Reference Type" menu.

b.  Choose the "Reference Type" you plan to enter.  Again, the page will refresh to show you the boxes needed for that reference type. Pick  "Book, Section" if you need to make a RefWorks record for a book chapter.  Pick "Web Page" if you need to cite information from a website.  The "report" reference type is also used frequently for both printed and internet-based reports.

3.  Click the "Help" link at the upper right-hand edge of the "Add new Reference" box.  A new window/tab will appear.  Scroll over half way down the page until you find the example of the format for entering authors' names. Be careful to enter authors' names as shown, but do not enter degrees (MSN, PhD) or prefixes (Dr., Mr., Miss) as shown in the second example.

4.  Continue to fill in boxes following the directions available in the "Help" window.  Do not fill in a box if you know that the information is not needed to create a complete citation for your reference.  For example, if working on references that will be formatted using the APA 6th output style, do not fill in both the DOI and the URL or Links fields.  RefWorks cannot exclude information that you've entered and citations for electronic resources formatted using the  APA 6th style should include either a doi or a URL, not both.    

5.  If you are entering information for an electronic/internet-based reference, click on "Additional Fields" and select the "Electronic" radiobutton.

6.  Be sure to click the "Save Reference" button before closing the "Add new Reference" box.


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