Answered By: Cindy Schmidt
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The McGoogan Library licenses several resources that may contain the needed information.

A.  For lists of the drugs in a specific drug class that are approved for clinical use in the U.S., try the Lexi-Comp or AHFS DI databases available through the Lexi-Comp interface.

1. Go to LexiComp. Use the "More Clinical Tools" drop-down to select "Indexes"


3. Select one of the "Lexi-Drug" databases or the  "AHFS DI" as the book/database you wish to search.

4. Click on the "Pharmacologic/Therapeutic Category" link in Lexi-Drugs (or similar link in AHFS DI)

5. Find and click on the link for the drug class of interest.

6. The list of class members will appear.  If you need brand names or synonyms, you will have to, in turn, click links to each of the individual drugs' monographs and then scroll or click links to the appropriate monograph sections to find the brand names.


B.  Clinical Pharmacology also provides lists of drugs within a class that are approved for use in the U.S.

    1. Go to Clinical Pharmacology.
    2. Use the "Find/List" drop-down to select "by Classification"
    3. Select the target organ system from the list that appears.
    4. Scroll down on the page that apears to find the class of interest ( you may have to do some additional clicking).
    5. You may find that all drugs are listed by trade name or generic names or that  a mixture of trade and generic names are shown.  If the drug's trade name is shown, you can click on the link to find the drug's generic name.


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