Answered By: Cindy Schmidt
Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018     Views: 416

There are several possible reasons for this error message.

1.  Are you sure that you have used the correct login information for the document that you're formatting?  In-text citations must be inserted and formatted using the same Write-n-Cite login. 

2.  Are you trying to reformat a "Final ....." document produced by Write-n-Cite 2 or Write-n-Cite 2.5.  These documents contain no code and cannot be reformatted.  You either have to find the original document containing the visible RefWorks code or go through the process of reinserting the citations. 

3.  Are trying to reformat a document that has had its field codes removed?  Field codes are sometimes removed prior to submitting a document to a publisher.  Write-n-Cite always recommends that you save the document with a different name prior to removing the field codes.  Can you remember whether you did so?  Perhaps you can locate the version that contains code.

4.  Are you sure the in-text citations that you're formatting were created with the same version of Write-n-Cite that you're using to format the citations? Have you moved from one computer to another or reinstalled Write-n-Cite?  If so, consider the following:

If the version of Write-n-Cite that you're using has a "Tools" menu, try using that menu to select "Convert to Write-n-Cite III document".  Hit the "convert" button that appears.  After the conversion is completed, try formatting the document (using the "Bibliography" button) again.  

If the version of Write-n-Cite that you're using has a "Preferences" icon, try clicking the "Preferences" icon and using the "convert" option to convert to the current version of "Write-n-Cite."


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