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The figures below will walk you through the process of exporting Cochrane Library search results to a file on your computer and then importing that file into RefWorks.  There is no direct export available in the Cochrane Library

Steps 1 and 2. Note database, decide which records you will export 

1. The results you are viewing are from the database that is indicated by the filled-in radiobutton on the left-hand side of the page.  

2. You may choose to export all results from the database or just the results you've selected.


A screenshot of a Cochrane Library results page.  A box highlights the fact that the radiobutton next to "Cochrane reviews" is filled in indicating that we're looking at results from the "Cochrane Reviews" database. The location of the "Export all" link above the result list is also highlighted.



Step 3-5.  A "Choose your export options" box will appear.  Make appropriate export choices

3. Pick the appropriate computer platform (PC, Linux, or Mac).

4. Pick "Citation Only" or "Citation and Abstract"

5. Click the "Export Citation" button.

6.  Many browsers will automatically save a file to your "Downloads" folder.  The file name will be similar to "citation-export.txt".  Some browsers will allow you to name the file and select a location for the file.


7.  Log into your RefWorks account and use the "References" menu to select "import"

A screenshot shows selection of the "Import" option in the "References" menu.

8.  Select Filter and Database options.

a.  The "Import Filter/Data Source" choice for any Cochrane Library database can be either :

"University of Nebraska Medical Center"


"Cochrane Library"

b.  "Database" drop-down

The "Database" choice for "Cochrane Reviews" must be

"Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews"

The "Database" choice for all databases in the Cochrane Library except the Cochrane Reviews database should be

"Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials"

c. The "Encoding" option for all Cochrane Library databses should be 


UTF-8 is the top-most option in the "Encoding" menu.

Screenshot of the "Import References" box showing appropriate selections for importing records from the "Cochrane Reviews" database.

10.  Use the "Browse" or "Choose file" (or other similar button) to open a file finder window.  Locate and select the file saved earlier and click the "Open" button.  The file path will appear in the "Import References" box.

11.  Select a folder destination if you wish.

12.  Click the "Import" button.


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