Answered By: Cindy Schmidt
Last Updated: Dec 25, 2016     Views: 644

This answer only applies to the older Write-n-Cite III add-in that created a pop-up box.  It does not apply to the Refworks/Write-n-Cite 4 Word add-in that shows up as a ribbon in Word for Windows and a toolbar in Word for Mac.

The "RefWorks has encountered an unexpected problem. Event ID#_________" message occurs as the result of a RefWorks server error. Sometimes RefWorks is actually having a big time server problem, but that is very unusual. Usually, closing your internet browser and reopening it or switching to a different browser will get rid of the problem. Sometimes a browser will cache the error and keep re-presenting it to you. So sometimes it's necessary to delete a browser's cache.   You can usually find the cache deletion option when viewing and then asking to delete your browser's history or in a browser's "preferences" or "options" box.

If; after trying dumping your browser's cache, closing and re-opening your browser; you still receive error messages, please call the Reference Desk 402-559-6221 to report the problem or call or e-mail RefWorks' tech support  (mention that you have already tried dumping your cache and closing and reopening your browser):

Tel: +1.775.327.4105

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