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Some RefWorks users have trouble finding the references they want to put in folders.  If you're having trouble finding references, start with the instructions at

The easiest way to put a RefWorks record into a folder:

  1. Create the folder first (using the "new folder" button). 
  2. The folder will appear in the "Folders" box on the right-hand side of the screen. If it doesn't appear, right click on some white space within the RefWorks page and select reload or refresh.  When the page reloads, you should see the folder you created in the "Folder" box.
  3. Find the reference you wish to move to the folder.
  4. Grab the grey bar above the reference and drag it into the desired folder (see figure below).   In case you're not familiar with grabbing and dragging using a computer, you grab by clicking down on the grey bar and continuing to hold the clicker down while you drag your cursor (and the bar) over the desired folder in the "Folders" box on the right hand side of the screen.  The folder you're approaching will turn dark grey so you'll be able to tell if your cursor is positioned properly before you release it and add the reference to the folder.

A screenshot that attempt to show the process of dragging and dropping a grey bar from above a reference into a specific folder listed in the "Folders" box.


The problem with the method just described is, of course, that you can only work with one reference at a time.  The second method works with either single records or all the records selected on a single page.  You can also use the "Page" or "all in list" radio buttons to move a whole page or a whole list of records into a folder using this method.  This method is, theoretically, just as easy as the method described previously. To use this method:

  1. Click the check marks in front of the references you wish to move to a specific folder.
  2. Hover over, or click on, the "add to folder" icon (see figure below).  You will want to put your cursor in almost the exact position shown in the figure.  Even then the menu may not work for you with the first hover or click.  Sometimes I find that I have to click on the "add to folder" icon before making a menu selection.  At other times, I can just hover over the icon and then make a selection.  It may require several attempts.  If you've tried to to make a selection five times without luck, I would recommend that you try switching to a new browser or try closing all your current internet browser's windows and restarting the browser.  Once the menu allows you to make a folder selection,  the process should proceed smoothly.A screenshot shows selection of several references and use of the "+folder" drop-down in the toolbar above the references to add the selected references to a new folder.
  3. After you make a folder selection, RefWorks will begin processing your request.  When all references have been added to the folder, a "Completed" pop-up will appear briefly at the lower, right-hand side of the RefWorks screen (see figure below).  If you've selected "new folder" a "Create New Folder" pop-up will appear first.  Once you've named the new folder and hit the "Create" button, RefWorks will begin processing your request.

  A screenshot shows the "Completed" message box that appears at the bottom right of the RefWorks window when a requested action has been completed.

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