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The method below will create a record for the guideline summary that has been written for the National Guidelines Clearinghouse database.  It will not create a record for the full-text guideline.

When you find a guideline summary in the National Guideline Clearinghouse that you wish to cite using RefWorks. 

1. Click on the "Cite" drop-down menu and select the "RIS(Zotero)" option.   A "RefWorks" option is available but is no quicker than the RIS option and produces a less complete reference.

A screenshot shows the guideline summary page for a NICE  guideline.  An arrow points to the "Cite" drop-down menu and another arrow points to the "RIS(Zotero)" option.

2.  A file will be downloaded to your computer.   You don't need to open the file, but you do need to know where the file is located.  Most browsers will simply add the file to your "Downloads" folder with a name like "# _citation.ris" where the # sign stands for a unique identifying number for the guideline summary of interest.  Some browsers will let you name the file and pick a file location.

3. Log into your RefWorks account.

4.  Click on the "Import" link in the "Quick Access" box on the right-hand side of the page.

5. In the Import References box, select "RIS Format" from the "Import Filter/Data Source" drop-down menu. Select "RIS Format UTF-8" from the "Databases" drop-down menu.

A screenshot showing selection of the "RIS Format" "Import Filter/Data Source" option and the "RIS UTF-8" "Database" option.


6.  Click the "Browse" or "Find File" button, then look for, select and open the file.  As mentioned earlier, it will probably be located in your "Downloads" folder and will have a name like "# _citation.ris". 

7.  Make a selection from the  "Import Into Folder" drop-down menu if desired.

8.  Click the Import button. The reference will be imported and will appear in your "Last Imported" folder.

9.  Depending on the citation/output style you are using, you may need to edit the record and add additional information.

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