Answered By: Cindy Schmidt
Last Updated: Jun 14, 2017     Views: 881

This problem occurs so rarely that RefWorks tech support hasn't been able to do any diagnostic work on the problem.   The following will allow you to work with Write-n-Cite 4 in your document with confidence:

1.  Ensure that Write-n-Cite is really logged into the account you think it should be logged into. This step is especially important if you share your computer or if you have more than one RefWorks account.

(a) Open a new Word document.  (b) Click on the "RefWorks" tab.  (c) Log out of RefWorks/Write-n-Cite and then log back in. 

2.  Check to be sure that your document was created using the RefWorks account that is open in Word.

(a) Open the Word document of interest.  When asked whether you wish to "review" or "convert," click "Review Only" (3b) If you're using a Windows computer, click Alt-F9 .  If you're using a Mac computer, click on a citation and click fn-shift-F9  This will make Write-n-Cite/RefWorks code visible in your document.  c) Open an internet browser and log into your RefWorks account.  (d) Check the Ref ID numbers and authors names and publication years in the in-text citation code in your document with the same Ref ID- author name/publication year pairings in RefWorks.  You can use the RefWorks search box to search for the RefID numbers in question if necessary.  If the document was created with the open RefWorks account,  the Ref ID, author, publication year pairings should match.

3. Once you're sure the in-text citations were created using the RefWorks account, close and re-open the Word document of interest and this time click the "Convert" button.


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