Answered By: Cindy Schmidt
Last Updated: Aug 16, 2018     Views: 60

There are two possible problems:

Does the address contain -- --  as shown below?

If so, take out the -- -- and the address should work.  The address shown above was corrected to produce the address below:


Does the address contain -- session= -- as shown in the web address below:|MainLayout::init&session=FBYcYOseUK9oJb6[_d6WWkfNTtT6_bY6P99tLopBIkYCPFSrLcPzMw0zLEPzIoT8JEJkJbL9QkT8PED4&subscriber=3750&site=037501144987200000/83291363281382891/hand%20washing%20peds

If so, you have a session-dependent web address that will never work again.  You will need to ask the person who owns the RefWorks account to log into RefWorks, go to the "Organize and Share folders" page, click on the "share folders" icon, and select "Shared folder options."  When they reach the "Shared folder options" box, they will need to copy the address shown on this page (they can highlight the address and click CTL+C or right click on the address and choose the "copy link location" or other similar option).

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