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This answer is for Write-n-Cite III users, if you are using Write-n-Cite 4 (if you are using Write-n-Cite 4, you will have a RefWorks ribbon in Word for PC or a Write-n-Cite toolbar in Word for Mac), please start with the FAQ at:

Write-n-Cite III users, you can change the spacing by highlighting the bibliography and changing the spacing settings in Word.  However, the undesirable spacing will then reappear each time you reformat with Write-n-Cite.  You can avoid this by creating a revised output style or asking your institution's RefWorks administrator to create a new style for you.

Creating a revised output style with the spacing you want is simple. 

1.  Log into Refworks

2.  Use the Bibliography menu to select "Output Style Editor"

3.  When the "Output Style Editor" opens:

a. Select the style you wish to edit.

b. Create a name for your revised style

c. Hit the "Save as" button.

4. An "Edit" button will then appear at the bottom of the "Output Style Editor".  Click this button.

5. Editing options will then appear.  Click on "Bibliography Settings."

6. Change the default "Double" "Line Spacing" setting to "Single."

7. Enter --
-- after any other characters in the "follow each..." box.  The -- \n -- creates a carriage return.

8. Hit the "Save" button (not the "Save as" button) at the bottom of the "Output Style Editor" box.

9. Now go to your Word document.  

10.  Open Write-n-Cite III if it isn't open already. 

11.  Hit the "Bibliography" button.

12.  Select your new output style.

13,  Hit the "Create bibliography" button.



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