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Are the publications lacking volume, issue, page numbers  information? This most often happens when an article is published electronically before it appears in print or is published in an electronic-only journal.    If you’re using RefWorks to generate your report, you can either edit the record for the affected articles to make them electronic journal articles, or, if an article has now appeared in print, you can edit "volume", "issue", "start page", "other pages", "Pub Year", and "Pub date free form" fields to make a complete reference for a printed article.  Instructions for both processes appear below:

Changing a RefWorks record for a journal article to a record for an electronic journal article.

1.     Log into the relevant RefWorks account.

2.    Locate the record of interest.

3.  Click the “paper and pencil (edit)” icon (see figure below) .  The “Edit reference” box will appear.

A screenshot shows a RefWorks record.  An arrow points to the "Edit"/"paper and pencil " icon in the grey bar above the record.

4.    If you want to use the APA style, select “APA 6th, American Psychiatric Association, 6th edition” from the “Fields Used by” drop-down menu.  This will make the fields most likely to be used appear.  You have a decision to make now. 

A screenshot of the "Edit Reference" screen.  An arrow points to the "Fields used by" menu.  A second arrow points to the "Reference Type" drop-down menu and a third arrow points to the "Journal, Electronic" option in that menu.

5.  Change the Reference Type to “Journal, electronic”

6.    Check to be sure that either the “DOI” (digital object identifier ) field or the “Links” field (URL field if this is shown) is complete and contains a single doi or link.  Do not fill in both the doi and links field.  If both are filled in, remove the information in the links field.

7.  If you are not using APA style, as in the example shown here, check to see if a retrieved/accessed year, and/or retrieved/accessed month and date are needed.

8.    Click on “Additional fields” and then select the “Electronic” “Source type” radiobutton.

A screenshot shows an arrow pointing to the "Additional Fields" header.  The "Additional Fields" section is open and a second arrow points to the "Electronic" "Source Type" radiobutton.

d.    Hit the “Save reference” button

Editing a record to reflect the fact that the article has now appeared in print:

1.     If an article has appeared in print it's best to add all the print-related information.  If you don't have the needed info and you originally obtained the record from PubMed, you can start by clicking the "Double-helix" above the RefWorks record and selecting "View in PubMed."

A screenshot shows a RefWorks record.  An arrow points to the "Double-helix" icon above the record on the right.  A second arrow points to the "View in PubMed" option that has appeared.

2.  The PubMed record will appear in a new tab/window.  Select the year of publication, volume, issue, page numbers, and doi.

A screenshot of a PubMed record showing selection and copying of the year, month, volume, issue, page number, and doi info.

3.  Return to the RefWorks tab/window.  Click the "paper and pencil" icon above the RefWorks record of interest.  An "Edit Reference" box will appear.

A screenshot of a RefWorks record with an arrow pointing to the "paper and pencil" icon in the grey bar above the record.

4.  Paste the copied information into one of the fields in the "Edit Reference" box and then distribute the information into the appropriate boxes.  You may need to open the "Additional Fields" area to find the

"Pub Date Free Form" box for the month and, if given, date of publication.  Be sure to enter the complete final page number in the "Other Pages" field.  PubMed often uses an abbreviated form of the final page number.

A screenshot of the "Edit Reference" box with arrows pointing to the fields that most frequently require editing when an epub ahead of print article finally appears in print.

5.  Click the "Save Reference" button.

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