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I’ve been able to replicate your problem with Write-n-Cite 4.  It’s true that with WNC 4, you can only insert citations in one cell within a row.  Fortunately, there are two ways that you can overcome this problem.  

A.  Windows users will find it easiest to use WNC III to insert citations in their tables. In my experience:

You can have both WNC III and WNC 4 installed on a single computer. 
You can open WNC III while using WNC 4 without logging out of WNC 4. 
You can create your bibliography using either WNC III or WNC 4 after inserting citations with either WNC 4 or WNC III. 


To download WNC III:

Close Microsoft Word.
Log into RefWorks. 
Use the RefWorks “Tools” menu to select “Write-n-Cite.”
Click on the “previous versions” link
Find the link to Write-n-Cite II for Word.  Download and install. 

To insert WNC III citations:

After the installation is complete, open your Word document.
There should now be an “Add-ins” ribbon.
Click on one of the “Write-n-Cite” icons in this ribbon. 
A pop-up window should appear. 
Log in (you may be asked initially for the group code before getting the two box login for your specific account.  If you don't know the group code, you can use the link to "Refworks group code" on the lower right-hand side of the library's homepage to see the group code.). 
Place your cursor in a location in Word that needs a reference.
In Write-n-Cite, find the reference you need to insert.

      • You can use the “View” menu to navigate to a specific folder.
      • The search box can be used to find a reference containing an authors name or specific word.
      •  There is a “Sort by” menu that can help bring the reference needed closer to the top of your list of results.

Code for a citation will appear in the document.
You can either use:

the Write-n-Cite III Bibliography button, the style drop-down on the “Bibliography” page, and the “Create Bibliography” button to format your citations and create your bibliography
the WNC 4 ribbon’s insert bibliography tool to format your citations and create a bibliography

B.  Mac users will find it easiest to insert citations in tables using the RefWorks One-line/Cite View or to enter abbreviated WNC 2 code manually.

Log into Refworks (in addition to Write-n-Cite)

Find the needed reference in Refworks.  

There are two methods for creating code:

A.  Manual method for creating code:

Find the Ref ID for the needed reference.

In Word, place your cursor in the in-table location where you need the citation.  Type the Ref ID inside two pairs of squiggly brackets.

If you need two citations in one location just separate the two Ref ID's with a semicolon

B.  Citation Icon Method for creating code.

After locating the reference you want to cite, click  the reference's {} icon (arrow a in figure below).  

The "Citation Viewer" pop-up will appear with WNC 2 code for your citation (arrow b in figure below).  If this is the only reference needed in this citation, copy the code.

If you need to cite a second reference in the same place, just find your next reference and click the {} icon.  The citation viewer will then contain code for a two reference citation. When you have gathered all needed reference for a single location, copy the code (arrow b in nces are not included in your next in-text citation (arrow c).

Place your cursor in the citation location in your Word table and paste.


When you've finished inserting citations in the table, go to the WNC 4 "Refworks" ribbon in Word and click on the "Preferences" icon.  

The "Preferences" box will appear.

Click the "Convert" button across from  "Convert Previous Version of WnC."

The formatted citations will appear.


Refworks tech support knows about the problem with WNC 4 citation insertion in Word tables and is working on it. 

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