Answered By: Cindy Schmidt
Last Updated: Dec 24, 2016     Views: 40

These drop-downs usually work quite well in Chrome and Firefox and not as well in Internet Explorer. They are, however, Java-dependent.  Consequently, if you haven't updated Java, don't have Java installed or have disabled Java in your browser; you will have problems.  I've also seen occasional problems with the drop-downs in accounts that contain large numbers of references (>20,000 references). 

Unless you know that you have disabled Java in the past and know how to re-enable Java, I would suggest that you begin the troubleshooting process by going to

Click on the "Free java download" button.  I would suggest that you install java even if the installation wizard tells you that you have it already.  Sometimes the already installed version has a flaw and reinstalling produces a version without that flaw.

If, after installing the current version of Java, your drop-downs are not working; I would suggest that you try a different browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari). If the drop-downs are still not working, contact RefWorks tech support at

Tell them your problem, the browser/s you've tried, and that you've reinstalled Java.




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