Answered By: Cindy Schmidt
Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018     Views: 6317

Try the following:

First, try opening your document from within Word.  Here are the steps involved

1. Save your Word document and any other open Word documents  Be sure you know the name of the document/s and it's location on your computer/network. 

2.  Close your Word document and any other open Word documents.

3.  Allow a minute or two for Word to close.

4.  Open the Microsoft Word program.  Check the "RefWorks" ribbon.

  • Are the icons functional?  If most icons are greyed out, is the login icon functional? If so, login. 
  • If all icons are greyed out, try restarting your computer (not just restarting Word, but restarting the computer.  Word goes through a complete "load at start-up" process after a computer restart.  It does not always go through the complete start-up load when the program is closed and reopened.

5.  Use the Word "File" menu to select "Open". Locate and open your document.  Frequently this will make a functional RefWorks/Write-n-Cite 4 ribbon appear in your document.

6.  If the above fails, try updating Java (free download at and then restarting your computer to force a complete Word restart.  

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