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40 licenses for the LexiComp Mobile app come as a free bonus with UNMC's license for the desktop version of  LexiComp. The licenses run from September to September.  Students and faculty can enter a drawing for these licenses.  When the Library first licensed LexiComp we investigated various licensing models. The price for providing all students, faculty, and staff access to the LexiComp mobile app would have been 10 times higher than the price for our current, LexiComp site license (which includes access to the web-based, desktop-formatted version and the 40 free LexiComp app licenses).  We just couldn’t afford to provide unlimited mobile app access. UNMC students, faculty and staff can purchase the LexiComp mobile app for a reduced price through UNMC's license to the web-based, desktop-formatted version.   However, before you consider such a purchase,  I'd recommend that you try the Clinical Pharmacology mobile app.


The Elsevier  Clinical Pharmacology app is available without charge through our Clinical Pharmacology license.  It's  an installable, mobile version of CP that can be accessed even when you don't have internet access.  (It does of course require internet access for the initial installation and for the updates).  To get this app:

1.  Create your own Clinical Pharmacology account through UNMC's license.  


  • Start at the UNMC homepage,
  • Click on the "Drug Resources" button (on the right-hand side of the homepage)
  • Click on the "Clinical Pharmacology" link.
  • Click on the "CP Mobile app" button.screenshot of the "CP Mobile app" button.
  • You will be asked whether you have an existing username and password for Clinical Pharmacology.  If you have never created a personal Clinical Pharmacology account, answer "no".
  • Complete the registration form.  You will choose your own username and password.


2.  Search your device's Apple or Android app store.  In Apple devices (iOS devices) the app is among the "iPhone" only apps but can be installed on your iPad as well, you just have to choose the "iPhone" only apps when searching for the app.  

In the Apple app store, search for --

Elsevier Clinical Pharmacology

In the Android app store, search for -- 

Clinical Pharmacology

3.  The app itself is free, but the username and password you chose for your personal Clinical Pharmacology account will be needed at some point (perhaps after opening the app) to get the app populated with the Clinical Pharmacology information.  Be sure to try opening the app when you have internet access.

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