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There are a couple of ways that you can create records for items in  Since you have several items in that are of interest, you might want to take the following approach:

1.  If the items of interest were challenging to locate in, copy the titles of the studies of interest into a Word or other electronic document.

2.  In click on the "Try our beta test site" link.

3.  Either replicate your previous search or copy one of the study titles and paste it into the search box and click the "Search all studies" button.

4.  Check the boxes in front of the results you want to save.


5.  If necessary search for the second item of interest, etc.  Check the box to save, etc. 

6.  When you have saved all the desired results, click on the "Saved Studies(.)" button at the upper right.

7.  After you reach the page with your list of saved results, click on the "Download" link above the saved result list on the right.

8.  select the "Plain text" option from the "Select file format" drop-down.

9.  Click the "Download" button.  A file will automatically download.  It will probably be names searchresult.txt.

10.  Log into your RefWorks account.

11.  Click the "Import" link in the "Quick Access" box.

12.  Select the "" options from the "Import Filter/Data Source" and then the "Database" menus.

13.  use the "Browse" (or similar button) to find and select the file you saved earlier.

14.  Choose the "UTF-8" option from the top of the "Encoding" menu.

15.  Click the "Import" button.

16.  Click on the "View Last Imported" button.

17.  You will probbly have to edit each of the records you just created slightly.  To edit a record, click the "Edit" icon (paper and pencil)

18.  In the "Edit Reference" box, select the citation style of interest from the "Fields used by" drop-down.  The fields that will be used by that styles will appear toward the top of the page.

19.  If "accessed date" fields are present fill those in with the appropriate information.

20.  The other information needed is probably present in one of the "Additional fields" and can be copied and pasted into the appropriate field.  Just click on the "Additional fields" header to open the additional fields area of the page. 

a.  You will probably find the needed information in the "Notes" field

b.  or in the "Links" field.

21.  When you have filled in the needed fields at the top of the page, click the "Save reference" button. 

22.  When the reference has saved successfully, close the "Edit reference" box.

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